Sabato 9:

Da Amsterdam - Olanda, low-fi punk rock


Lo-Lite spits swampgas for some six years now. During these years they sweated and stank on a lot of stages in and outside Holland and released some records as well. In fact the new album sidekicks will be out within weeks! After Basics and Comics here's a new masterpiece to be released. On Slovenly records, formerly known as 702 records from Reno, Nevada. Finest when it comes to desert recordings. This is about a Dutch two-man band, blasting out an original mix of raw stompin' blues and high-octane punk. Slideguitar, maniac vocals and pounding drums combine into a very original sounding band. Lo-Lite absolutely hasn't the thin sound one would suspect from such a small band. Though barebones primitive, the songs carefully evade quite some silly rock androll cliché's, we're not talking copycats here, but the real HOW-HOW-HOW-HOW boogie chillun. As for history, Lo-Lite did quite some Dutch shows, like Lowlands and Crossing Borders festivals, but also toured Spain in '97 , Germany and Belgium in "98. In 1999 a Dutch invasion was launched on Germany, Austria, Belgium and Holland were by a treated kickbutt package of Green Hornet, Dexter and Lo-Lite. Spring 2001 brought some dead serious roadburn again with Dexter, this time through Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Italy. This very winter a new and Garagepus tour. Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and Germany. On this tour Lo-Lite will be accompanied by Franco Formica; drums and strings from Dexter in an instrumental-uptight hillbilly raunch and roll act. Late spring nice touring in Germany and Denmark. Summer Lo-Lite hits the US for an even nicer little tour including the Burning Man festival. Plans for a North Norwegian single. The first One, Basics will be released on vinyl LP by Slovenly. Along with older, unreleased gems. Stay tuned.

Ascolta "Domino" dal cd Sidekicks in mp3!!


Sabato 16:

... sono modesti i ragazzi... ska classico, rocksteady ma anche swing à la Capossela...!!!!
che il Paso si trasformi in un night?!?

Siamo nati nel 1994 con base nella "contea" di Bergamo, luogo di amenità e di chimico relax ai piedi delle colline orobiche. Dal crossover iniziale (arricchito da cover Di RHCP e Living Colors), la banda assimila progressivamente le sonorità dell'assolata Jamaica: ritmica in levare e suoni d'ottoni. A questa prima fase è seguita un'altra orientata più verso lo ska, con influenze mediterranee e arabeggianti. La formazione ha subito diversi ritocchi, innesti ed abbandoni. Nel corso degli anni ci siamo affinati arrivando alla formazione attuale, che oltre alla base (voce, seconda voce, basso, chitarra e batteria) e alla sezione fiati (tromba e trombone) annovera Danilo al sax e prossimamente un'altra tromba. Ska e Rocksteady caratterizzano da allora le apparizioni live e le registrazioni in studio.

Cori e Voce - ALESSANDRA
Tromba e Cori - MATTEO
Trombone e Cori - ROBERTO
Chitarra - RUDY
Basso - HELIOS
Batteria e Percussioni - VITTORIO

Il loro sito con i brani del loro ultimo disco
"Solo questa notte"
tutti in mp3 liberi in rete:


sennò qui c'è già pronto
"Secret Agent Man"
in mp3!

"VERDESKA" - demo autoprodotto (1996)
"ROOTS" - compilation prodotta da Zion-la Tasca (1997)
"METEORE" - demo autoprodotto (1997)
"SUONI CAOTICI" - compilation (Sinistra Giovanile BG) (1998)
"2 1/2" - demo autoprodotto (1998) "SOLO QUESTA NOTTE" - CD autoprodotto (2000)
"UNITED KIDS!" - compilation prodotta da Vitaminic(2001)


Sabato 23:

Tornano in Italia (prima volta a El Paso) questi quattro deraglianti londinesi su di giri, reduci dall'esperienza con la prestigiosa etichetta Beggars Banquet! Nuovissimo disco in studio e rinnovata energia live, a metà strada fra Jesus Lizard e Jon Spencer Blues Explosion...


"If Ed Gein, Leatherface from 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' and the hog shagging freaks from 'Deliverence' were to pick up some cheap Fenders and form a band, then it would sound like this. They sound like a bunch of sick fucks alright, but somehow there's a method to the madness within this, Penthouse's second album. Penthouse are the sound of Elvis shitting out lumps of hot lava before dying. Messy but quite spectacular.
KKKK (4 stars) - Ben Myers - Kerrang!

"It soon becomes clear that we're witnessing possibly the most deranged band in the UK right now. Like the Jesus Lizard before them,, Penthouse take the traditional art of playing the blues, twist and contort it until it's barely recognisable, then perform it as aggressivly as possible. Rock 'n' roll doesn't get more insane than this."
James Sherry - Live review in Kerran

Note of Enlightenment: In Europe this band are called PENTHOUSE. However, there is evidently a gentleman's magazine of the same name who object to the band using that name in the USA. Consequently, in North America the band shall be known as FIFTY TONS OF BLACK TERROR

date un'occhiata al loro sito: fatto benissimo...


Dalla California che ama tanto fornicare quanto sfornare, una frizzantissima accoppiata strizzacervelli, due progetti che si incontrano/scontrano e si confondono fra loro, con nuovi dischi in studio per entrambi! Alla loro seconda apparizione sul palco!


Yeah, they started in San Diego. Dates etc. elude me. Didn't know them back then anyway. They're too damn modest and lazy to give me a self-written bio-thingy. Current line-up is Kirk B. on Guitar, Kevin B. on Guitar, and Kevin C. on drums. Vocal duties generally handled by the Branstetters. Glen Galloway played guitar, sang and wrote many fine tunes on recordings past, and Kevin B. did the bass-work then. A guy named Ely drummed on many of those same recordings before Mr. Cascell took over. Glen sings and plays other stuff on their latest LP "Fragments Of A Lucky Break" and joined them on some exceptional live gigs in the Portland area in the past year. He's got his own thing going with soul-junk who rock for jesus. As a live band Trumans Water seemed to have limited their touring to Europe, where they have people turning up to see them play. This is also convenient for Kevin B. who's made his home in France as of late. The other two K's live not to far from me here in Portland Oregon. They still play under the Trumans' moniker with various compadres sitting in. A guy named Paul has bassed and saxed with them, housemate Mike has become a guitar slinging live staple when he's in town. Reference the review on the previous page for the vertically unchallengedness of the Kozlowski/Rice-Leary guitar/bass live addition. They've also had some random help/collaboration with Jeff and Ryan formally of the now unfortunately defunct Irving Klaw Trio in the past. Kirk has a side project with a certain Kelly Hatfield called 4th prize. When Kevin C. isn't watching Space Ghost he's applying his skills that (don't quite) pay the bills towards Osmotic Tongue Pressure which you all should buy. I'd love to keep the local folks updated on their live shows, but currently they are "few and far between" as the annoying saying goes.

"Trumans Water make Pavement sound like U2" - NME

LP/CD's: · OF THICK TUM (justice my eye/elevated loin 1992) · SPASM SMASH XXXOXOX OX AND ASS (homestead, 1993)
· GODSPEED THE PUNCHLINE (homestead, 1993) · GODSPEED THE VORTEX (wayout, 1993) · GODSPEED THE STATIC (drunken fish, 1993) · GODSPEED THE HEMORRHAGE (homestead, 1993) · MILKTRAIN TO PAYDIRT (homestead, 1995)
· PEEL SESSIONS (strange fruit, 1995) review · ACTION ORNAMENTS (runt, 1996) Review? Dr. Who? · APISTOGRAMMA (justice my eye/elevated loin, 1997) · FRAGMENTS OF A LUCKY BREAK (cd on emperor jones/trance syndicate, 1998) (vinyl on infinite chug)
· TRUMANS WATER S/T (emperor jones, 2001)

7"/10" EP's: · OUR SCARS LIKE BADGES (homestead, 1992) · LAUGH LIGHT LIT (drunken fish, 1993) · SKYJACKER/FLOORJACKER (sympathy for the record industry, 1993) · HEY FISH/ EMPTY QUEEN II (drunken fish, 1994) · JUBILEE (way out, 1994) · 10X MY AGE (elemental, 1994) · 1st DEAD MAN OF DILUVIA (wantage, 1996) · GREAT FLOOD EP (footprint, 1997) · TRUMANS WATER/I'M BEING GOOD SPLIT 7" (infinite chug, 1998) · MISS SPACESHIP/RADAR 1945 (Sub Pop, 2000)

CASSETTE TAPES: · COUCH OF THE SPASTICS (chocolate monk, 1994) · SANTEE BUSBILL (destroy all music, 1994) · COUGH FORTH SUCH DILEMMAS (union pole, 1996) · NO DEAD SPACE (union pole, 1997)



in arrivo:

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.... and much more!!!