e ci sono altre novità per il 25: Plastination a giugno!!

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Venerdì 3 :

il più famoso gruppo punkrock della Tedeschia...
irriverenti, provocatori, politicamente scorretti... insomma.. PUNKROCK!!!


February 1993: After a long time, 3 punks meet each other again in one of Berlin- Kreuzberg´s pawnshops. As a matter of fact they wanted to pawn their musical instruments, because they needed money to pay their bills. But what happened ? Archi "MC" Motherfucker (voc, git), Johnny Bottrop (git) and Hermann von Hinten (drums) were celebrating their reunion and decided to form a new band together.
Soon after a bassplayer called "Ice Tüte" joined and in April´94 the four punks rehearsed constantly in their basement. They were looking for a peaceful sounding name for their young band, so they called themselves "Terrorgruppe" which of course means Terrorgroup.(in English)
It did not take to long and the band was well known in Berlin. They released a couple of self produced 7" vinyl-ep´s which sold an amazing amount amung german punk-scene. In fall 94 "Ice Tüte" left the band and after a miscarried experiment with a guy called "Fritz", Zip Schlitzer took place as the bassplayer.
Until today "Terrorgruppe" released about 15 Singles and 5 full length albums.

Musik für Arschlöcher 1995 (CD/LP) Gringo/Metronome
Melodien für Milliarden 1996 (CD/LP) Gringo/ Metronome
Nonstop Aggropop 1997 (CD/LP) Gringo/Intercord
Keiner hilft Euch 1998 (CD/LP) Gringo/Intercord

NEW ALBUM - 2002

1World - 0 Future 2000 (CD/LP) Epitaph

ascolta dal vivo "Ernst August" in mp3 !!!

. With the last two albums, they hit the top ten of the german alternative charts and the single "Rockgiganten vs. Strassenköter" - a split singel with Die Ärzte - even made it in the german Top 100 charts
The early recordings sounded strickly punk-rock, somewhere between melodic skate-punk from California, London 77 and old german punkrock of bands like KFC, Razors or Middle Class Fantasies...... Then MC & Co added more and more Reggae, Ska and Pop elements to their songs and on "keiner hilft euch" you can even hear a jazz - song. Today the band calls their music AGGROPOP and has founded a little aggropop-scene with their own small fanzine "Church of Punkology" as the central organ of public propaganda.
Terrorgruppe´s (most german) lyrics are as important as their music & style. They write about politics, sexuality, religion, drugs,relationships and boring life in Germany in their own respectless, naive and unconcerned way. Cynical and ironically they like to spread salt into the open wounds of the modern, German society and sometimes they give practically instuctions for rebellion. "We want to spread hate and mistrust among the shitty people of germany and make kids rebell against their parents, against the state, church and society", the four Berliners confess. But Terrorgruppe is not a politically punk-band.
They characterize themselves as 10% PC (and 90% politically incompetent). They like to disfame stars from politics and show-business in their own way of despising mankind. Melicious joy is their most important driving element. Of course, with this attidude they do not only make friends: A certain chain store was not willing to distribute Terrorgruppe´s products; some well known stars were thinking about sueing "Terrorgruppe" (but refrained); communities tried to prohibit Terrorgruppe´s live-shows and the "Office for Protection of the Constitution" recorded every little move of the band. Christian moral-theologains and radical femenists were threatening with riots...etc.....etc......
Notwithstanding to this little problems the band was constantely following their triumphal procession.("learning from Terrorgruppe means to learn how to win") so they were touring the hell out of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Until today they did about 450-500 live-shows and tons of fanzines voted them as "the best german live - band". With the idea "language-barriers fuck off" the four maniacs also visited countries like Poland, Czec, Holland, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain and California (where they released 1997 their compilation-album "Terrorgruppe uber Amerika" on BYO-Records). Unfortunately drummer Hermann v. Hinten left in summer 1998. 4 days later Maschine West joined the band and made their music more compact an powerfull. For 1999 they only played around 40 shows because the band needed a little break to clean their instruments. But............ They recorded another great full lenght album with their alltime fave producer Uwe Hoffmann in Javea/Spain. Also a new record label was found called Epitaph Records.

They gave this new album the name "1world - 0future" and it became the best selling record of a german punkband in 2000. From the 1st of april untill the 30st of december the 4 aggropoppers were constantly touring..... they played holy 109 shows all over europe in 8 month. Not bad for a bunch of lazy bastards.
But still they had time to record their very first titeltrack to a movie called OI!Warning which already drew 80 000 people in germany´s movie theaters. It´s 2002.... a silent year for Terrorgruppe?
Not at all, maybe they will not tour that much but this will be the year of 1world - 0future´s america release. Besides this they are already working on their very first live album & on their first homevideo.
Also creativity pushes the four terrorists into writing on new songs for there next studio album.
Let´s see what happens next. The struggle goes on!!!!


Sabato 4:

pwer la terza volta, tornano dall'Arizona....


bryan jones - drums
don medleis - guitar|vocal
scott eastman - guitar|vocal
greg mytych - bass|vocal

Horace Pinker began in Tempe, Arizona in 1991 after guitarist/vocalist Scott Eastman had foresworn academia in order to pursue playing punk rock with drummer and friend Bill Ramsey. The two recruited local musicians to play in the band and finally cemented the line-up with the addition of Texan Bryan Jones on bass at the beginning of 1992. By that time (after a propitious start to the band--opening for the likes of All, the Butthole Surfers, Fugazi, and oh yeah, Green Day) Horace Pinker was beginning to attract a loyal local following, much to the chagrin of more established bands who could actually play their instruments as well as jump up and down rather than simply relying on the latter.

The winter of 1991/92 also saw the band leave their home state of Arizona for the first time, playing in Texas and even playing Gilman Street with Rhythm Collision, Scherzo, and friends Monsula. This was the first of many out-of town trips to come, with the band touring the nation in the summer of 1992 and embarking on the Endless Tour in 1993. In a Jeep Cherokee, the band did two huge meandering loops around the U.S. and Canada over an eight month period, with one member always stuck in the coffin (the small cramped space on top of the equipment in the back). Playing close to one hundred shows in addition to finishing their first album, Power Tools, 1993 established the band as one of the hardest working in the underground scene.

HP made it to Europe for the first time in the spring of 1994 with the release of Power Tools in addition to touring North America yet again (this time in a van), and released a seven inch as well as a split with Face to Face on Wisconsin-based Rhetoric Records. Bill decided to leave the band at the end of the year, and was replaced by bassist Miguel Barron, with Bryan switching to his first love--the drums. HP made it to the festival circuit in Europe in '95, playing the awesome Dynamo Festival in Holland prior to a three month European tour. After Fat Wreck released the "I Hate Horace Pinker" 7" and OffTime the HP/Doc Hopper split, the band worked on new material as they toured North America and Europe. In 1996, One Foot Records put out Burn Tempe to the Ground, the follow-up to their debut, featuring the new line-up. On the strength of their new release, HP toured the U.S. with Agent Orange before hitting Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia. They then played Pop Komm in Germany and co-headlined the Innrock festival in Austria with the Melvins as a prelude to another massive European tour ending in Norway in November of '96. By then, it was time for a break.

In 1997, with Scott back in school and the band headquartered in Chicago, HP show (with Face to Face). Finally getting their act together, the band did a shorter version of the Endless Tour in 1998 playing all over the U.S. (with bands such as Shyster, At the Drive-In, Spider Virus, Welt and Dynamite Boy) and sporting a new two-guitar attack with the addition of Matt Arluck. Taking their time recording new material at Sonic Iguana with master engineer and producer Mass Giorgini in the fall of that year, Horace Pinker began to have label problems. Pop Culture Failure did not find a home (on Chicago's Jump Up! Records) until the new millennium, released shortly after ColdFront put out their brand new EP Copper Regret, featuring new bassist Chris Bauermeister (Jawbreaker). With the two new releases under their belt, Horace Pinker embarked on a 3 week, 10,000 mile tour of Canada and the western U.S. with All Systems Go.

Horace Pinker has played hundreds of shows in 17 countries all over the world from Europe to Canada and Australia, and continues to play punk rock clubs, halls, and basements for an all-ages crowd. Although some are quick to point out that they never achieved commercial success over the years or sell-out tours like so many of their peers, HP continues to release records with thoughtful lyrics that break from the lowest common denominator and powerful music that cannot be pinned down to a simple category or genre.

2001 found the band with a new line up and heading back to europe after a four year hiatus. after touring ten countries the band spent the rest of the year working on material for the follow-up to their latest efforts. 2002 has the band heading back europe, recording a new record, and releasing a discography called "seven mile road"...along with trying to balance lives, jobs, and punk rock after ten years and over six hundred shows.

5/91 Big Ugly Earwax
4/92 forty-seven Earwax
6/93 Knives, Guns, & Ammo Rhetoric
2/94 Disposable Comp. Social Retard
3/94 Face To Face/H.P. split Rhetoric
2/95 DIY Polemic Machine Blurr
4/95 Selling Out The Scene Evade
4/95 H.P./Doc Hopper split OffTime
5/95 Horace Pinker Fat Wreck Chords
5/95 80's Punk Comp Suburban Zine
11/97 Horace Pinker Live V.M.L.
3/94 PowerTools CD/LP/Cass Earwax/Justice
8/96 Burn Tempe CD/LP/Cass OneFoot
4/00 Copper Regret CDEP ColdFront
6/00 Pop Culture Failure CD/LP Jump Up
2002 Seven Mile Road CD OffTime

con loro i



Venerdì 10:

li avevamo visti l'anno scorso in tour con gli At The Drive In;
hanno girato gli Usa con loro e oggi tornano;
dalla Repubblica Ceca la No Wave anni '80 dei


ascolta in mp3 "Punk and chic" dal nuovo lp "Necromance"

If James Brown is the hardest working man in show business, then Sunshine are his illegitimate children.
Eight years together and 4 albums under their belt, they have gained the respect and admiration of peers, fans and media throughout the "indie" scene of Europe and America. Now it's time to conquer the mainstream. Hailing from the 15th century city of Tabor, Czech Republic, they have never let their once limited knowledge of the English language keep them from communicating with the audience. Sunshine are known for their exhaustive live shows, a caliber well beyond most contemporary bands in America. Invigorating in the intensity of the tightly knit power trio's psychic focus, the band is at its best on stage, careening in and out of entrancing drones and punky spaz-outs. Their most recent release (currently out on Czech label Day After), "Necromance (Digital Urban Icons)", is a dark new-wave psychedelic masterpiece reminiscent of such greats like The Cure, PIL, and Gary Numan. Vocalist/guitarist Kay's contorted-sonic landscapes tango with bewitching, lucid lyrics while bassist/keyboardist Martin and drummer Daniel send volcanic pulses straight to the core of your soul. Slaves to their emotions and undeniably conscious of the inner workings of the heart as well as catchy-kitschy new wave, Sunshine have created a record that leaves you breathlessly infatuated and fatigued from dancing. Kindred spirits At The Drive-In, Murder City Devils and International (Noise) Conspiracy toured the United States with Sunshine in 2000, helping their junior album "Velvet Suicide" reach the charts and airwaves of college radio nationwide. Thanks to a performance at CMJ and fans like producer Ross Robinson, their single "Streamlined" (released on Big Wheel Recreation as a split 12" with ATDI), was used in the Hollywood thriller Blair Witch II.

After a six week European tour in the summer of 2001, Sunshine will yet again extensively tour Europe in April and May of 2002 and also plan to hop the pond and tour the US in summer/fall.

e dagli USA

Celebrity Roast play thrashy, melodic and dynamic punk rock with sincere political / personal lyrics. Their sound is whirlwind blend of Canadian melody (a la I Spy or Propaghandi) and old school hardcore (Black Flag).
The band formed when the members' other bands began to disintegrate in late 1999. Ben Chasse was in Hail Mary, the touring rock warriors who have done records on the infamous Vermiform, Prank and Hopscotch labels. Ben Haberland and REA were in The Disenchanted, the infamous punk band who put out a ton of records on various labels and did 3 US tours.

Now, as Celebrity Roast, they have already done a 16 show US tour with Super Hi 5, played on local shows and recorded a 10 songs EP in about 4 days, and have been in Europe in May 2001 for another tour weeks.


"How can we lose when we're so sincere" CD 1998 (Motherbox)
"The Disenchanted" CD 1999 (Creep)
"Tour Tape" demo, 2000 (self released)
"They Wondered About the Knife" EP 2000 (Creep)
"Misunderstood Work Songs" split LP 2000 (Gate To Hell)



Sabato 11:

tornano per la terza volta (una a El Paso e una alla festa di Radio Black Out) a presentare il nuovo lp...

Grande punk rock come quello che piace a noi... chitarre tirate, wild r'n'r, pezzi brevi,
un pizzico di pop punk, stacchi veloci, grande energia e presenza scenica...

from the deep sout of Italy...

Gli Hobophobic, una volta passati atraverso sperienze un pò di tutti i generi, (punk, rock, hardcore, death e speed thrash metal, si basano su musicalità di estrema velocità, melodia e rabbia che ha suscitato interesse: attivi da molti anni anche se con poche uscite ("due" demo ed un solo 7" "certe situazioni"),ora con l'uscita del nuovo CD "rabbia e rancore" gli Hobophobic caratterizzano ancora di più quella che per anni è stata l'autodeterminazione e la voglia di mandàfànculo una serie di costrizioni imposte da questo stato di cose che sta sempre più stretto a tutti.
Gli Hobophobic non vogliono essere merce in questo sistema ma parte valorizzante per un'autodeterminazione di massa, non solo con la musica che fanno o con quello che dicono ma con l'azione personale, e collettiva che gli porta anche a confronto con le realtà che più soffrono i problemi della galera della miseria della morte sul lavoro ed ovunque, realtà, come quella della galera, create, a nostro parere, per acquietare gli animi dei ribelli e dei disadattati di questo mondo, coperture per non far sporcare la comoda poltrona al padrone.
Non si può sognare o utopizzare una società libera se anche quello che facciamo e compromesso da quelli stessi elementi che la rendono piatta e inutile. Gli Hobophobic suonano poco in giro ma molto dalle proprie parti, vogliono molto bene alla gente del sud, e con una serie di persone si impegnano a organizzare iniziative concerti per sostenere situazioni di lotta anticapitalista.
Alcuni di loro si organizzano insieme ad altri esponenti della scena Tarantina ed agli SFC, una delle prime band hardcore a Taranto, per uscite di zine come "Rifiuto"#0 #1 (tra un po' il #due), interessati a mantenere una linea del tutto D.I.Y. sperano di girare molto e conoscere gente ovunque. Dal vivo sono molto attivi e dinamici, da supportare!


Venerdì 17:


Gli Arsenico tornano sul palco di Via Passo Buole dopo un tour che ha toccato le regioni del centro-sud d'Italia. Si sono formati nel 1996 nella periferia nord della Torino industriale. Loro suonano hardcore di quelli che puzzano di periferia. Influenzati dall'hasch core dei C.O.V. e dal sound dei Belli Cosi, si inoltrano nel campo dell' hardcore con una loro personalità che non lascia fuori l'emo e i suoni metal. All'attivo hanno una demo (autoprodotta), un 7 pollici (coprodotto da varie realtà Do It Yourself, tra cui El Paso) e "Nottide" (cd coprodotto da El Paso, Mastello Recortz e altre realtà d.i.y. italiche).


Il gruppo Arturo nasce nell'ormai lontano inverno '93 a Rivoli, cittadina della provincia torinese. Dopo varie produzioni e concerti in giro per l'Europa, la band, nel 2000 cambia formazione. Alla voce, infatti, arriva Gigio, ex C.O.V. Inevitabilmente si ha un cambiamento di stile e di sonorità, che li porta nel 2001 a far uscire il loro ultimo lavoro "Conversazioni", un cd sicuramente più maturo, con influenze elettroniche ma senza dimenticare il loro vecchio stile hardcore e ovviamente con un tocco inconfondibile portato dal nuovo cantante -


(Roma, trio noise o jazzcore o bopcore, insomma,
se vi piacciono No Means No, Victims Family, Sabot, siete serviti)

Per la seconda volta a Torino (la prima volta però sul palco di El Paso), arrivano i Demodè. Nascono nell'estate del 1998, e subito il loro genere musicale viene accostato a quello dei Victims Family e ai No Means No.
Le canzoni hanno testi in italiano e i suoni sono un misto di Jazzcore, Hard core, Noise core, il tutto arricchito da pezzi samba, stacchi taglienti, che si articolano sulle note "core" dell' HC New School. I romani Demodè hanno fatto uscire due cd autoprodotti ("Secrezioni" e "Bopcore") nel giro neanche di un anno e mezzo. Ultimamente hanno condiviso, a Milano, il palco con i Sabot e si apprestano a registrare un nuovo cd.




Sabato 18:

a causa di un lutto in famiglia Tito & Thee Brainsuckers hanno annullato la data...
ma è con piacere che rivedremo al posto loro...

& The GoGoBombos!!!


"Ray Daytona and Googoobombos sono in quattro, suonano e si spostano per l'Italia con un furgone Volkswagen del '76 raggiungendo una velocità di punta di 80 km orari..." "Ykes!" n. 1

Il gruppo si è formato nel '97 con l'intento di riproporre strumentali surf e classico r'n'roll dei 50's; il loro sound si è poi progressivamente avvicinato a sonorità garage punk, assestandosi su uno stile eclettico e personale fortemente influenzato da Link Wray, Davie Allan & the Arrows e The Cramps, The Ventures, che rende difficile considerarli semplicemente parte di una "scena".

Dopo la pubblicazione di quattro 7" e la presenza del gruppo in varie compilations italiane e straniere di gruppi surf e punk, nel 1999 la line up ha subito un cambiamento: Rosie ha sostituito Red Razor al basso, unendosi a Ray (chitarra), Doctor D. (voce e chitarra), Madison Wheeler (batteria e voce).

Nel febbraio 2000 Ray Daytona and Googoobombos hanno pubblicato il loro primo album dal titolo A Wild Shot of...,quattordici pezzi tra surf e garage punk, arricchiti da Hammond, Farfisa, Wurlitzer, theremin, sitar e dall'uso di nastri suonati al contrario.

Grazie ad un buon numero di ottime recensioni in riviste italiane e straniere il gruppo ha avuto la possibilità di esibirsi in un gran numero di concerti, aprendo le date italiane di Deniz Tek & Scott Morgan, Thee Headcoats, Squirtgun e Link Protrudi and the Jaymen.

Nel giugno del 2001 è stato pubblicato Hole in the Ground, il loro ultimo singolo (come 7" su Mad Driver records, come mini cd su Aua records).

Il nuovo album è uscito nel febbraio 2002, del lavoro grafico si è occupato Winston Smith, già autore di copertine per Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra, Lard, e Green Day.


The Killer Klown’s romance begins at the end of 1994 , in Turin, Italy. The 5 guys grew up listenin’ ’60 garage,punkrock,50’s r’nr , blues.
Theirs music is inspired by american roots
supported by wild raw sound & politically uncorrect lyrics.
They fuck the audience in Spain and Germany too.
In their curriculum you can find ‘em cut off the stage with bands like
Spider Babies , Satan’s Pilgrims , New Bomb Turks ecc…

I KILLER KLOWN : sporco, malato e trasgressivo ROCK AND ROLL.
Il punk rientra nelle loro menti solo per l’attitudine e per quell’etichettatura tanto cara agli 'addetti ai lavori'. E’ il look a colpire almeno quanto il suono, una chitarra distorta ed un organo Vox ipersaturo stendono un tappeto sotto alle voci del Reverendo Jungle e di Piera. Il tutto in un crescendo di canzoni, mai lente, sempre ritmatissime (ed è proprio questo a colpire, notata l’anoressia del batterista!) e coinvolgenti. Quando il cantante, peraltro visibilmente ubriaco, si lascia andare alzandosi la tunica da prete che indossa e mettendo bene in mostra i suoi collant, mi ritornano in mente tutti gli oggetti volati addosso al grandissimo Kory Clarke degli Space Age Playboys.
I KILLER KLOWN conoscono alla perfezione la lezione del Rock And Roll !!!


Brand New Shit 7 (1995 Non ce n’è Rec.)
Twist & Fuck -doppio 7- (1996 Non ce n’è Rec.)
Dr. Pedophilous - 10" (1997 Killyourself Punkarrecords)
Shane White Is A Friend Of Mine - 7" (1998 Mad Driver Rec.)
Evil -7" (1999 Psychout Rec.)
Too Junk To Die - LP picture (1999 Mad Driver Rec.)
Satan's rock - LP (2001 Mad Driver Rec.)



Un'altra decadente ritmosa appassionante inquietante iconoclasta nottata...



Sabato 25:


Stasera, roba di casa nostra; dei BAR possiamo solo dirvi che nascono dagli incontri determinati dal gorgo pasico. Dei simpaticoni con diverse esperienze alle spalle, ma anche gente in grado di tenere banco da soli sul palco (per almeno un paio di loro ci sarebbe da preparare una gara di resistenza lasciandoli sul palco nudi e crudi anche solo a parlarvi...),
signori, abbiamo il piacere di presentarvi...

il nuovo, neonato gruppo pasico, i


Claudio (ex Waka Waka e Panico) - chitarra
Gigio (ex Cov, Arturo) - basso
Drew (canavesian word spammer ultrà) - voce
Alberto ( ) -chitarra
Tino (ex C ov) - batteria

Dopo aver vinto le loro resistenze in merito alla ritrosia nel presentarsi al grande pubblico e dopo mesi di prove nelle cantine avremo finalmente l'occasione di vedere questi cinque fenomeni all'opera.
Gli amici sono caldamente invitati a venire e a farsi firmare gli autografi.
Gli altri possono suggerire.

Se pensate che questo testo di presentazione sia concluso vi sbagliate. Aspetatte di leggere quel che avranno da scrivere loro semmai si metteranno d'accordo. Ah, queste rock stars....

con loro sul palco: i




in arrivo:

THREE YEARS DOWN (Usa, punkrock)
DOA (Canada, punk rock)
MDC (Usa hc) !!!!